Empower your business and its people to make the best health, wealth and career decisions for the future.

What is your employee benefits strategy for ensuring your organization is as healthy, sustainable and competitive as it can be? Are your employee benefits plans sustainable for the next five years? Do your employees appreciate and understand your plan information or the level of coverage offered?

In this era of change, organizations are encountering intense pressure and scrutiny from every direction. Through investing in the health and welfare of your organization, your employee culture and workforce is one of the best competitive moves you can make. The right employee benefits decisions made here will transform your organization and position you for long-term success.

Sustainable plan design

Gallagher solutions are designed holistically and with the most advanced thought leadership. We meet you where you are and help design employee benefit plans that work for your business, ensuring we deliver on your needs. We focus on building a long-term relationship with you so we can help address emerging trends and evolve your benefits plan to meet the needs of your business both today and in to the future.

The result is healthier, more engaged employees, better processes and workflows, improved recruiting and retention and a stronger organization. The Gallagher team will help create a comprehensive benefits program that addresses the needs of all five generations in the workforce today, including:

  • Health benefits
  • Dental benefits
  • Absence & Disability insurance plans
  • Life & Accident insurance
  • Critical illness coverages
  • Retirement & financial wellbeing plans
  • Wellbeing & psychological safety

Strategies for benefits utilization for better employee and organizational wellbeing

Gallagher will help you manage change and simplify workforce planning with a strategic, innovative approach to employee benefits and compensation rewards. Our expert Benefits & HR Consulting team will help you design, implement and manage a cost-effective group benefits program that is structured to reduce costs, improve workforce productivity, educate employees, mitigate risk and help you attract, retain, and develop top talent. Our consultants lean into our deep expertise to help you build a plan and interpret what the plan member experience will be for your employees. We evaluate utilization and analyze industry trends to predict future employee experience.

Designing employee benefit programs with Gallagher Better WorksSM

Strengthen your organization with the Gallagher Better WorksSM approach:

  • Protect the physical and emotional wellbeing of your workforce with strategic, competitive health and welfare programs that meet the needs of a multi-generational workforce
  • Optimize your employees' financial wellbeing with holistic benefits programs that are affordable and offer various savings vehicles, with cost structures that are sustainable for your organization
  • Support the career wellbeing of your people with competitive benefit programs that help decrease employee turnover and empower recruitment
  • Drive overall organizational wellbeing by offering competitive, holistic benefits and compensation programs that attract top talent, engage your workforce and drive productivity

Benchmark your business against industry peers.

One size does not fit all when it comes to benefits programs. We use data from Gallagher's Benefits Strategy & Benchmarking Survey — Canada Edition to help you understand your positioning and evolve your benefits strategy to stay competitive — not only within your industry, but across industries.

Employee Benefits Consulting Summary

  • Holistic employee benefits plans for organizational wellbeing
  • Adaptable benefits programs for improved employee experience
  • Sustainable wellbeing-focused organizational benefits consulting
  • Consultative approach to benefits plans

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