Whether you need to encourage better productivity or a better culture — or undertake a major organizational change — Gallagher's Compensating Consulting team has the expertise to transform compensation from an expense into an asset that generates a return.

Innovative compensation solutions for a confident future

Developing competitive compensation programs is about more than attracting top talent — it's about retaining and rewarding the top talent you already have and fostering an engaging and productive workforce, all the while staying legally compliant.

At Gallagher, we understand that each organization is unique, and we work with you to devise holistic, innovative compensation solutions that align with your organization's business strategy. Gallagher offers a full spectrum of compensation services that can be combined with the expertise of our group benefits, retirement, wellbeing and engagement practices.

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Gallagher experts provide insights on salary and compensation benchmarking.

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Tailored compensation programs that exceed your expectations

As an employer, you might want to adapt your current compensation program to keep pace with the shifting business landscape. Maybe your organization is undergoing a transformation and needs to develop competitive, compliant compensation solutions that ensure continued alignment with your new priorities. You could even just be starting to think about creating a compensation program for your company.

We employ what we call the DID approach — Discovery, Innovation and Delivery — to fully understand the context of every project and ensure a strong foundation for compensation governance.

Gallagher compensation experts meet with your organization to understand your project and identify hidden issues.

During the discovery phase, we also:

  • Set roles and responsibilities for both client and consultant
  • Collect data
  • Perform stakeholder interviews
  • Conduct research using proprietary surveys and databases

During the innovation phase, we leverage the discovery stage findings and collaborate with you to develop recommendations by considering:

  • Organizational needs and constraints
  • Current client practices
  • Industry best practices
  • Regulatory requirements

The delivery phrase completes the DID process, as our experts develop the chosen recommendations into policies and programs.

This phase also can include training and access to management tools.

Why choose Gallagher Compensation Consulting?

Our Compensation Consulting team has extensive and diverse experience in the private, publicly traded, public and not-for-profit sectors.

We are hands-on with every project, leveraging the collective expertise of all our consultants. As an added benefit, this approach translates to a full team of consultants with a wide breadth of expertise driving your project forward. Here are additional reasons why you should choose Gallagher:

  • Evidence-based consulting. We use surveys and databases to capture highly focused market compensation data to inform our decisions.
  • Expertise in pay equity. Our deep experience in pay equity allows us to include it with every project, ensuring your compliance needs are met.
  • Communication. We understand that communicating compensation policy, programs and practices is crucial to promote employee buy-in and engagement. Our experts can help you prepare a communication plan and documents to help managers and employees gain a better understanding of your compensation programs.
  • The suite of tools available to our clients. Developed by Gallagher over the years, our tools include:
    • Our custom survey platform
    • Job evaluation (JE) and job information questionnaire (JIQ) tools
  • Commitment and accountability. We pride ourselves on developing powerful, long-term partnerships. Our clients' best interests are our best interests, and we make sure our clients come first.

Compensation Consulting Summary

  • Simple, effective and efficient programs that add value to your business
  • Deep expertise and collaboration for sustainable results
  • Compliant, relevant and innovative solutions, plus ongoing training
  • Client-centred approach to help meet your goals and fit your budget

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