The Gallagher Equity and M&A team has the expertise to support risk management through all stages of investment, from fund formation to vetting to exit. Grounded in expert knowledge and a global network, our approach gives us the ability to work across all industries and regions to serve you better.

Extensive due diligence mitigates investor risk

Our team is effective because of how we handle due diligence. Equity investors have complex risks from a variety of sources, including other investors, limited partners, regulatory agencies, portfolio companies and employees. Successful investing requires partners willing and able to help you anticipate and mitigate these risks. Our practice relies on the strength of our risk management experts to uncover where risks may reside for all types of mergers and acquisitions.

Global network enables us to provide wide-ranging risk management

Our global team works across all sectors, including technology and telecommunications, manufacturing and transportation. Our network of committed, knowledgeable staff enables us to easily pivot and contribute across all sectors and sizes of business across the globe. Due diligence and insurance products we provide include :

  • Risk management due diligence consulting. Our process of discovery and assessment of risks allows us to help you confront and successfully manage challenges of mergers and acquisitions.
  • Transactional products. We customize solutions that address your transaction risk exposures.
  • Ongoing risk management and consulting. We partner with you to provide risk management throughout the lifecycle of the transaction.
  • Representation and warranty insurance. We provide insurance designed to cover breaches of representation, warranties or certain indemnities that can occur during the sale of a business.
  • Prospectus liability protection. We design cover that safeguards companies and their directors against litigation.
  • Tax insurance. This insurance removes uncertainty relating to tax issues and thus removes barriers to fulfillment of an investment.
  • Environmental insurance. This coverage provides protection for a property in which the extent of environmental damage is unknown.
  • Contingent litigation insurance. We design a solution to insure the unknown outcome of an on-going litigation matter to allow the business to focus on day-to-day tasks or to facilitate a sale process.

Who we serve in our Equity and M&A practice

We work with all members of the equity and mergers and acquisitions community. Our proven methodologies and coverage options are designed to be flexible to meet the needs at all points of the mergers and acquisitions process for :

  • Private equity firms
  • Venture capital groups
  • Asset management operations
  • Hedge funds
  • Publicly traded alternative asset management firms
  • Corporate client add-ons and divestitures
  • "Pass the hat" investment teams

Maximizing the human side of growth during an investment

Whether you're a large online shoe company looking to grow or a traditional regional manufacturer merging with a national player, our team has the same keen focus on evaluating and mitigating the risk side of benefits and human capital during all stages of investment. We work with private equity firms as well as corporate clients to aid them in promoting greater profitability and increasing value by decreasing their risk. Our offerings include :

  • Due diligence. We conduct rigorous data reviews to identify issues, risks and liabilities that impact a transaction. We immediately identify red flags, and recommend remedies and savings opportunities.
  • New client transition. We use our knowledge gained from the due diligence process to establish new programs and benefits that support your goals.
  • Portfolio solutions. Gallagher has proven portfolio-wide, cost-saving solutions while supporting each portfolio company's strategy for competitiveness and providing local HR support.
  • Merger and acquisition readiness. Our proprietary Work Force Evaluation and COPS assessment tools facilitate program integration and harmonization of each acquisition.
  • Divestiture readiness. Our process helps clients optimize deal value and execute a successful divestiture strategy.

Mergers and Acquisitions Insurance Summary

  • Strategies and solutions for all stages of the investment cycle
  • Expert resources that flex from global to local
  • Specialized programs that mitigate litigation risk

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