The international insurance market is complex, with regulations differing from country to country and ever-changing market environments, but the Multinational Client Practice can help you ensure your risk management program is legal, compliant and appropriately insured against foreign risks.

Gallagher is unique among the small number of truly multinational insurance brokers in Canada. At first glance, the difference may seem subtle but the influence that difference exerts on our client outcomes is profound. While the company has grown to be the world’s fourth largest risk and insurance advisor it has avoided the stifling bureaucracy typical of corporate organizations of that scale. Globally, its insurance broking operation maintains a network of more than 300 offices across more than 30 countries. The company has also established the Gallagher Global Network, which provides service to its clients in more than 140 countries through annually vetted associates.

With Canadian headquarters in Toronto, regional specialists in multiple locations across the country and access to a global network of office and strategic partners, Arthur J. Gallagher is one of the largest global brokers in Canada. Our Canadian Multinational Client Practice Team, dedicated to meeting the needs of clients with global requirements, serves as your gateway to the Gallagher Global Network, providing an invaluable resource through local service and expertise.