Whether you use your vehicle to travel to and from work, or for personal enjoyment, it's likely that it's an essential part of your business and life. That means that you need an insurance policy to help keep you on the road. Let Gallagher help.
Everyone that operates a vehicle in Canada is legally liable for damages caused by the negligent operation of that vehicle. The requirement for third party Automobile Liability insurance is mandatory by law. Along with this mandatory coverage, many choose to insure against the physical damage to their automobiles caused accidentally by themselves or others. At Gallagher, we understand the complexities and have experience partnering with our clients in a variety of areas.

Our services and solutions include:

  • Carrying limits of insurance that are reflective of the jurisdictions in which they operate
  • The addition of protective endorsements that range from rental car coverage to protection for the hauling of dangerous goods
  • Safety & compliance assistance
  • CVOR and USDOT record analysis
  • Driver file preparation and maintenance
  • Assistance with MTO, DOT, and audit concerns
  • Updates regarding legislative and regulatory changes such as hours of service, transporting hazardous materials, vehicle and driver standards.

When it comes to Commercial Auto Insurance it is important to not only know, but firmly grasp the unique risks and liabilities involved, and to have access to coverage options to address those risks.

Did You Know

An amendment to the Highway Traffic Act has changed the definition of a road-building machine effective July 1, 2017. Read more about the Ontario Regulation 398/16.