We understand that Inclusion and Diversity (I&D) is a necessary change in organizations. A sense of belonging is what I&D wants to achieve — it’s a feeling of acceptance, and in the workplace it can be translated to better fulfillment of potential.

Equity measured through data

We understand that inclusion improves critical thinking and diversity makes employees feel represented. Our multifaceted approach encompasses the culture of your organization and provides solutions to your challenges. To create this equity takes time, hard work and a willingness to be open to change — but the results are worth it.

Gallagher's I&D practice starts by assessing your organization's current state and analyzing your policies and procedures. We use the data gathered in this assessment, combined with our expertise, to help develop an inclusive strategic plan that takes into account your organization's size, budget and resources. Our simple yet effective solutions help to enhance your diversity results. The outcome is better employee engagement that can be measured in an optimized performance program.

Embracing I&D with a complete framework

Gallagher's I&D consulting team will work with you to develop a strategy to align to your organization. We help to make the complicated, uncomplicated. Our process includes:

I&D process includes focus groups, framework, recruitment, staff training and development, analytics and communication.

Multidisciplinary approach to I&D

Whether it's recruitment, training or benefits, we'll develop the right plan for your organization. As your partner, we'll help you understand the multiple options available, guide you through the consulting and decision-making process and collaborate to solve for your I&D program needs. As we aim for a multidisciplinary approach, we can benefit from the assistance of our Gallagher Wellbeing, HR and Compensation Consulting, Absence and Disability, Health and Benefits, Talent Management, and Communication consultants. We work together as a team to help develop the best solutions for you.

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