Wherever you do business, your strategic needs are still the same. You need the right talent, in the right place, and a benefits package that’s attractive and compliant. Knowing how to meet statutory requirements in any given country at any time is complex and time consuming.

How are you protecting your organization from regulatory and compliance risks while meeting the needs of an international workforce? If your organization operates internationally, you need a dynamic benefits plan―one that reduces risk and meets employee needs in regions around the world. It is the key to attracting and retaining the talent you need to do business on a global scale. The stakes couldn’t be higher.

Your products, management team, and budgets might be perfectly positioned for international operations. But if your HR strategy isn’t properly structured around the unique needs of a global workforce, you may be risking a lot. A missed detail can be costly, impacting not just your margins but also your ability to attract and retain top talent.

At Gallagher, our combined approach of consulting expertise and proprietary technology helps your HR team to stay up-to-date on evolving benefits topics around the world, such as employment conditions, legislative decisions, regulatory and compliance issues. Our Multinational Benefits and Human Resources Consulting team will help you manage your global benefits and meet the expectations of your global workforce with a comprehensive process, uniform reporting, and trained advisors.

Multinational Support

Our multinational benefits specialists will identify the most effective way to implement and manage your global benefits programme so it meets all local requirements, employment laws, competitive norms and provides you with management oversight.

Global Experience

Whether you need global mobility support to get boots on the ground in a new locale, guidance on multinational pooling of risks, or need to manage and communicate a global benefits strategy, we have the experience to remove the bureaucracy and complexity.

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