Great organizations provide great benefits packages. It doesn’t happen by accident. At Gallagher, we take a comprehensive approach to developing voluntary options that align employee needs with your business objectives. We make it easy.

Is your benefits program taking your organization from good to great? Quite often, it’s the voluntary options such as life, disability and critical illness insurance that determine how employees rate their program—and their employer.

Offering the perfect set of voluntary benefits can help you compete for the best employees. Once hired, you can keep them engaged through education and by clearly communicating the new options and how easy it is to enroll. Employees will notice, and they’ll know that they are working for a world-class organization with benefits to match.

It starts with a thorough deep-dive analysis: what’s the standard in your industry, what’s missing, and what’s your long-term corporate strategy for attracting and retaining the best employees? Our planning and evaluation models look three to five years out, so the benefits package you build today provides a foundation for future growth. You’ll move forward with the right employees—the ones who make your organization stronger and more competitive.

Leading organizations are also great communicators. Our Voluntary Benefits team can help you communicate with everyone from the C-suite to new hires so they appreciate the value of their benefits and understand how to get them. This clarity can lead to increased participation and satisfaction in your benefits program. Our continuously tested and refined processes simplify enrollment for HR staff as well as employees. So whether your employees are evaluating their benefits package or are considering a voluntary wellness program, they’ll make informed decisions based on the clearest possible understanding of their options.