Gallagher experts work with clients across all the major pay equity jurisdictions to achieve and maintain regulatory compliance, including employers with operations in Ontario and Quebec and federally regulated organizations.

Comprehensive pay equity and job evaluation services available

Our team has extensive experience developing and updating pay equity plans in both unionized and non-union environments. We also have a proven track record helping organizations implement and maintain job evaluation systems that support pay equity compliance.

Whether your organization is dealing with pay equity in a single jurisdiction or multiple ones, we can help:

  • Ensure you have the right type of job evaluation plans to achieve and maintain pay equity.
  • Conduct training and education for key stakeholders.
  • Complete job evaluations.
  • Analyze pay equity.
  • Identify pay equity gaps and define strategies to address them.
  • Develop or update pay equity plans.
  • Engage union representatives effectively in the pay equity process.
  • Provide support and counsel during a pay equity audit or when responding to a pay equity complaint.
  • Mediate compensation disputes.

Gallagher also can assist organizations with designing and drafting job descriptions to support compensation and other HR programs.

Broad knowledge base helps employers achieve pay equity compliance

Gallagher is keenly aware of the challenges many private and public sector employers face addressing pay disparities and compensation issues.

Our consultants stay current with pay equity issues and emerging trends, allowing us to provide consulting advice that helps employers attain compliance and has a positive impact on employees and organizational results.

Our consultants have experience working with regulatory bodies like the Pay Equity Commission and regularly connect with commission representatives and review officers. We also work with and accept referrals from employment lawyers.

Deep expertise means more efficient solutions for your organization

Our team has more than 30 years of experience in pay equity legislation and job evaluation, which leads to a more robust and practical approach for your organization. We've seen a lot of different scenarios with our clients over the years, and we're able to take those learnings and apply them to your project.

We have extensive experience in the development and implementation of various job evaluation systems, including our proprietary Gallagher Universal Plan, which we can customize as required.

Gallagher also supports the job analysis and documentation process to ensure that all jobs have current and comprehensive documentation — including responsibilities and requirements — to facilitate the job evaluation process.

In addition to addressing legislative pay equity issues, our consulting experts can help your company improve on equity among employees and jobs to ensure you meet business goals and objectives.

Client-centred focus yields unique, cost-effective results

Gallagher's success has been built by developing lasting relationships with our clients. Our consultants collaborate with clients to gain a clear understanding of their needs and provide specialized expertise using a clear, evidence-based approach.

Communication at all stages of a project is key, whether that's gaining input at the beginning of the project, developing a customized job evaluation tool or helping clients convey project related information to employees.

Above all, we're flexible in our approach — we know a one-size-fits-all solution doesn't work with the complexities of pay equity legislation. Our consultants use their expertise and knowledge to create a solution that's right for your organization and addresses your needs cost-effectively.

Pay Equity and Job Evaluation Summary

  • Deep expertise in pay equity legislation
  • Proprietary system for evaluating jobs
  • Customized, cost-effective, compliant solutions
  • Strong support for clients with Pay Equity Commission

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