As a Baptist Church Program member, enjoy exclusive benefits including:

  • Preferred Rates - member churches receive group rates versus what is offered to individual policy holders.
  • Rate Stability - member churches have more stability in the event of a claim. The losses of a few are shared among the many; therefore, a claim has less impact on an individual premium.
  • Financing - member churches have the option of equalized monthly payments with 0% financing and no service fees.
  • Value Services – cost free Risk and Loss Prevention resources. Cost free telephone access to experienced lawyers & office professionals.
  • Ensuring Success – Being part of this group supports the Canadian Baptists of Atlantic Canada and other member Churches. (More members = more volume = more benefits = lower premiums)

Additional Benefits to Program Members

Use of Premises Program

  • Exclusive to Our Baptist Church Program Members
  • Allows third party individuals and small groups who are using or renting church facilities on a short-term basis a way to obtain reasonably priced insurance coverage.

‘Pinnacle’ – Our Faith Insurance Seminar

Together with our partners, Ecclesiastical and the Canadian Baptists of Atlantic Canada, we have organized a Seminar titled ‘Pinnacle – A Clear View of Insurance.’

  • Goal - to provide further education and understanding about the insurance needs and risks unique to churches.
  • No Cost — Registration is free. An information package is available to all attendees and the event is live streamed to anyone who cannot attend. Recorded seminars available on the CBAC website at The Canadian Baptist of Atlantic Canada's website.

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If you have additional questions:

Tina Belyea
Phone: (506) 375-7578