Environmental liability risks can be complex, stemming from intricate origin investigation and resulting liability determination. These risks also encompass expenses related to remediation, cleanup, government penalties or fines, and loss of income due to business interruptions.

Given the distinct risk profiles of each company and industry, Gallagher employs a consultative approach to identify and assess noteworthy environmental exposures or concerns. We offer a range of solutions to assist you in mitigating and addressing these risks, all while bolstering your capacity to carry out your daily business operations effectively.

Reasons to invest in Environmental Liability

Environmental Liability coverage is your shield against unforeseen environmental risks that can have a significant impact on your business.

  • Gaps or coverage limitations on commercial property and general liability policies
  • Increasing regulatory requirements and environmental liability fines and penalties
  • Potential reputational and good will impact
  • Significant expenses encompassing cleanup and remediation, business interruption and legal defense costs

The Gallagher difference

Our unique consultancy approach, combined with Gallagher's extensive insurance solutions, enable us to provide unique and comprehensive insurance and risk mitigation products to manage your environmental liability exposures.

Global environmental expertise. Gallagher has an extensive global team of environmental liability professionals to assist in all of your unique environmental needs.

Risk identification. Upon consultation with our environmental specialist, an environmental risk mitigation approach can be developed to address the relevant, potential environmental liability risks and exposures.

Claims advocacy. Our in-house claims team collaborates with the environmental liability experts to assess claims comprehensively, considering all coverage implications.

Legal network. Our specialists have a network of reputable environmental lawyers for advice and counsel as needed, strengthening your legal support.

ESG solutions. Gallagher offers a suite of environmental, social and governance (ESG) products and services to support your transition to environmentally responsible and sustainable practices.