Your people are your most important asset. We know how important it is to have someone who is knowledgeable about HR, which is why Gallagher’s Human Resources & Compensation Consulting practice has a team of HR professionals to provide services customized to your organization’s needs.

Our team of consulting experts in compensation, engagement, leadership development, executive search, and surveys, use industry-leading data and analytics to empower clients. We leverage experience and wisdom to tailor flexible consulting solutions. Gallagher's Human Resources Consulting practice, we help organizations attract talent, engage staff, develop leaders, and reward success to optimize organizational wellbeing. Clients gain the tools and insights they need to lead their healthcare, higher education, public sector, and nonprofit organizations toward success.

Labour Relations – The Gallagher team has deep expertise in negotiating collective agreements and are among the most skilled and experienced negotiators in the industry. We also manage grievances on behalf of employers, all while working to improve the relationship between the employer and their union groups.

Workplace Investigations – The Gallagher team has built a strong reputation for high quality independent investigations into allegations in the workplace of harassment, bullying, violence, misconduct, discrimination and breach of policy. Known for getting the answer right in as efficient a manner as possible has led to our team leading hundreds of workplace investigations.

HR Systems & Processes - Whether it’s policy development, design and maintenance of total compensation systems, pay equity plans, performance management systems, attendance management programs, recruitment and selection processes, employee onboarding programs, succession planning, HR strategic planning, or systems and processes related to any other facet of the human resources function – our team does it all and does it well.

HR Outsourcing - Our team regularly gets called to provide expert advice and guidance on complex human resources issues, and to lead or support the human resources function on behalf of organizations. Whether you have a vacant position within your HR team, or have limited or no access to in-house HR expertise, a Gallagher Consultant with the support of our entire team of specialists can be your HR team.

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By working with Gallagher, you’ll get the insights you need to build not just a great employee benefits and compensation plan but also a great workforce that’s engaged, motivated and invested in your organization’s success. Additionally, you’ll get access to resources designed by our HR experts that will help you to manage your human resources effectively – saving you time and money.