Putting together a customized plan to help individuals and their families to maximize their wealth in all stages of their lives through wealth creation, management and succession planning. Every wealth decision has tax implications: through our process, we leave no stone unturned!

To help employers achieve optimized organizational wellbeing, Gallagher has created a unified consulting practice focused on delivering group and individual financial wellbeing solutions. The Gallagher team can help protect your big goals and dreams so that you make them even bigger by assisting with the following services.

Estate Planning

The Gallagher team ensures your estate is handled in a tax efficient manner while preserving your assets as wealth is transferred between generations.

Trust Planning – We will help you plan the protection and succession of wealth.

Tax Planning – Minimize undue tax exposure.

Business Planning

  • Buy-Sell Agreements – Protect your business interests and ensure the continuity of ownership if another business owner cannot continue in the business.
  • Corporate Restructuring – We will provide guidance and optimization for risk management, tax optimization and business continuity.
  • Key Person Coverage – Protect your business and ensure continuity.
  • Business Loan Insurance – Ensure the partial or complete repayment of critical business loans in the event that you are unable to, due to unexpected circumstances.

Life Insurance – Protect those you value most, when you’re no longer with them.

Financial Planning – The Gallagher team ensures that you leverage your assets, and that you have a cohesive plan that optimizes your wealth and risk management concerns.

Disability Insurance – Offset your earnings in the event you are unable to perform your duties in your business.

Critical Illness Insurance – Provide you the funds you need in the event of major illness.