Ease of access to cybercrime tools, communities and market places on the dark web is fueling Canada’s growing ransomware trend.

Cybercrime represents a sophisticated threat to Canada, in part due to a flourishing online cybercrime marketplaces and forums where the latest tools and services are sold. According to the Canadian Centre for Cyber Security, these tools include initial network access, distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks, web defacement tools, malware (including ransomware) and money laundering technologies.* The ease of access to cybercrime tools and services has fostered the emergence of new cybercriminals and growth of this type of crime in Canada.

Throughout this article, we explore the latest cybercrime tools, tactics and approaches, along with tips for mitigating cyber security risks to safeguard your company and assets from this increasing sophisticated and persistent threat.

  • Insight into the workings of the dark web, emerging cybercrime vectors and tools, as well as geopolitical influences
  • Overview of commonly exploited vulnerabilities such as password management tools, vulnerabilities with artificial intelligence (AI) integration, and older technology platforms and systems.
  • A look ahead to what cyber threats could be on the horizon



*"National Cyber Threat Assessment 2022," Canadian Centre for Cyber Security, updated 28 Oct 2922.


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