It's time for your hospital to prioritize supplier diversity in your insurance program.

Gallagher Connect Partners is an inclusive network of minority, women and other diverse professionals that were strategically selected based on their unique specializations, shared values and proven ability to best serve our clients' insurance and risk management needs.

We cultivate relationships with certified partners, combining their expertise with Gallagher's global resources to empower diverse insurance suppliers to tackle a larger scope of business, improve your insurance and risk management programs, and help you meet or exceed their supplier diversity needs.

Gallagher Connect Partners Network provides you with:

  • Opportunity to reaffirm commitment to own diversity and inclusion goals
  • Increased value through cost reductions, better contract terms and conditions and improved service
  • Collaboration with specialized insurance broker partners for their unique business needs
  • Expansion of diverse external partnerships — often nontraditional — in the community
  • Supplier base that better mirrors the patient and community populations
  • Ability to meet government and grant contracting requirements regarding supplier diversity