August 2023

Executive summary

Climate change presents a pressing issue. As efforts to combat it continue, climate coalitions have emerged as a popular way to pool resources, share ideas and foster innovation.

However, the viability and future success of coalitions have come under scrutiny due to concerns over antitrust laws and against a rising tide of anti-ESG sentiment and climate-related litigation.

This report explores the relevant issues and their significance to the current business environment and the wider climate transition agenda.


  • Climate action coalitions are progressively forming to accelerate the transition to net zero.
  • Recently, the alarm has been raised that climate coalitions — including the Net-Zero Insurance Alliance (NZIA) — could be seen to violate anti‑trust laws, by making decisions that unfairly distort or penalise markets.
  • There are calls for supervisors to offer explicit guidance on how climate coalitions should operate, and to offer "safe harbour" for certain agreements.
  • There's a renewed emphasis on United-Nations-convened climate alliances to prioritise a "just transition" for all stakeholders.
  • It's a balancing act that will become more challenging as we move closer to Race to Zero's mid-point targets in 2030.
  • Meanwhile, the UN Environment Programme (UNEP) reiterates the "fundamental and urgent need" for continuing collaboration to tackle the climate crisis.
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