Delivering competitive benefits and compensation programs that attract and retain top faculty, staff and leadership.

Do the benefits you offer comply with ever-changing healthcare requirements while protecting your bottom line? How will healthcare regulations impact student workers and adjunct faculty? Your human resources program serves a complex and evolving workforce. To compete amid constant changes, you need a benefits plan that brings top talent to your door, and solidifies your position as a true academic leader.

A benefits program that addresses complex issues and protects your bottom line? Think of it as the arts and sciences of academic total compensation for higher education.

A studied approach to planning.

All eyes are on you; high-visibility issues are putting higher education under a microscope. At the forefront are mandatory student health plans, adjunct/variable employee commitments, same-sex benefit reforms, an aging workforce, competition for faculty and administrative staff, and of course, tuition versus spending.

Gallagher’s national practice is devoted to higher education. We study the issues and bring clarity to your benefits and HR strategy. Our knowledge of healthcare, ethics and compliance issues helps us to solve complex challenges, make sense of legal mandates and create a benefits program that appeals to your diverse academic community. Your Gallagher team will help you engage with employees so they understand their choices and know the value of their plans. We will focus on your institutional goals, and help you attract faculty and leaders that appeal to prospective students.

Put the numbers on your side.

At Gallagher, we leverage benchmarking data and our higher education expertise to support your compensation and benefit decisions. Powerful analytics tools and our consultative process will help you assess the value of benefit packages in order to get a complete picture of your employment landscape. By evaluating your workforce and compensation structure, we can help you discover where you compete well, and where you have opportunities to improve. We combine the art of communication backed by the science of real numbers, a powerful combination that helps you make informed decisions about the future of your institution.

Look to a peer-reviewed partner.

Higher education institutions partner with Gallagher because we understand your culture and know the importance of a holistic perspective. Contact a Gallagher advisor today, and learn how we can work with you towards building your total rewards plan.