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Transportation Safety Topics: The Fatal Four

Many collisions involving motor vehicles occur at intersections. Right-of-way violations include things such as failure to yield, failure to obey a traffic control device, improper and/or illegal turns and rolling through stop signs without stopping. Expect other drivers to violate both the law and safe driving procedures at intersections and be prepared to deal with them. The best advice is to STOP taking chances and YIELD the right-of-way.

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Market Report: Marine Industry Update

In 2016, commercial throughput in U.S. ports and fleet growth have remained flat with single digit growth and offshore energy service companies have seen a dramatic slowdown, with many companies laying up vessels. The knock-on effect to marine insurance companies is that layup return premium erodes the overall premium base.

Healthcare News: January 11, 2017

In this issue, the FDA issues guidance on medical device cybersecurity; CMS quality measures; preparing for the interconnected world around us; and continuing settlement regarding fraud and abuse and wage & hour litigation.

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PEP Talk: Collision Preventability

We all recognize that the safe operation of your public entity’s vehicle fleet is an important component of a sound risk management program designed to reduce potential for pain and injury, financial expenses and reputational risk. Likewise, we suspect that one of the goals of your fleet safety program is to instill in your drivers an awareness of the actions of other motorists to avoid involvement in a vehicle collision.

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Risk Management Safety Insight: Managing Post-Accident Communications

Hopefully most employers will never experience a serious workplace accident involving personal injury, property damage or both. This article will provide recommendations for an employer to respond in a forthright manner while avoiding potential additional legal liability and a public relations fiasco that can damage the employer’s reputation.

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