Dr. Steve Dranoff presents “Can We Listen and Talk to One Another in One Voice?” Our culture has struggled for decades to try and foster a greater connectedness between people with a major focus on the workplace. The place we work many hours a day interacting with a diverse population of co-workers, and where teamwork to achieve personal goals is the foundation of an organization’s progress and success.

In this presentation, Dr. Steve Dranoff will give an overview of a new model for eradicating hostile work environment harassment developed over the past 30 years and is now being used successfully in the Diocese of Paterson in Paterson, New Jersey. This new model applies advanced behavioral science research that has been consistently proven to reduce overall organizational risk, harassment incidents, and the immense collateral cost of those incidents across many industries, schools, and governmental organizations in the United States. You will learn:

  • The disturbing facts about why past methods of preventing harassment have not worked, and how increasing empathy across diverse employee populations is the antidote to workplace aggression.
  • How Dr. Dranoff’s new two-tiered training model is designed, about its simple and efficient process, and, importantly, its proven, positive outcomes in increasing co-worker empathy while reducing organizational risk.
  • Why the Executive Director of the Paterson Diocese in Paterson, NJ, William Rafferty, decided to on-board the new model across his organization earlier this year which is already showing positive results even after completing only the Tier I phase of training.
  • How managers can become the pivotal organizational leaders for building a healthy working environment and the catalysts for culture change.
  • Techniques for fostering employee connectedness through the training of simple clinical skills that are easy to understand and apply, and can have an immediate impact of an organization’s culture.

Webinar Length: 45 minutes

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William Rafferty

William Rafferty

Executive Director Human Resources and Benefits Office | Diocese of Patterson (New Jersey)