Predict the financial impact of a business interruption.

Gallagher's Public Sector BI Worksheet is an interactive, user-friendly tool designed to help you estimate the impact of a business interruption on your revenues and expenses.

Here's how the tool works:

  1. You populate line items for your operational expenses.
  2. A variable percentage is then applied to each line item, based on the professional assessment of Gallagher's subject matter experts. (You can adjust the variables.)
  3. Leveraging actual data from certified municipal financial statements, the worksheet automatically calculates the net business income and expense amounts, as well as the business income to revenue ratio.

As the only U.S. broker with more than 500 salespeople and risk management experts focused on public sector, Gallagher gives you access to global insurance markets specializing in public sector risk. And as part of our approach to helping you optimize your total cost of risk, our new worksheet can help you respond to a business interruption by providing the data you need to help keep your organization prepared.

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