Join us for a virtual talk with Kristen Ingram, the award-winning CEO & Executive producer at PLUS ONE society. In this webinar, Kristen speaks to women and shares her advice on how to overcome fear and intentionally invest in themselves along with the businesses they're a part of.

Inspired by the power of sports and its ability to connect cultures and provoke progressive action, Kristen launched PLUS ONE with the intent to directly uplift and amplify social justice movements that influence positive change within the culture.

Prior to this, Kristen (known as "Ms. NFL") was Head of A-liate Marketing for NFLNETWORK where she oversaw strategic partnerships, creative campaigns and experiential events for all NFL calendar initiatives—including the Super Bowl. During her tenure, she leveraged her role to become an advocate for Diversity & Inclusion and Social Responsibility, where ultimately, her community service initiatives were recognized by NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell.

Webinar Presenter

Kristen Ingram

Kristen Ingram

CEO & Executive Producer | PLUS ONE Society