Nonprofits and resourcefulness—tailwinds in 2018 and beyond.

As we make our way in to 2018 our Nonprofit consultants around the world share their experiences and insights on the near future for nonprofits—thriving organizations at the center of communities and solutions for improving life for everyone.

We know that nonprofits can’t do it alone and, thus, resourcefulness is a key strategy for mobilizing talent and technology to help them achieve their missions. Rewards are witnessed every day in changed lives and empowerment. We all want to be part of that!

And, of course, with these impactful missions there comes tremendous risk along with the rewards. Those of us working in the nonprofit sector for a long time are familiar with the risks and recognize that we can’t let these risks impair our efforts to do good, to make a difference. However, we also realize that some of the risks are latent, perhaps not unlike a disease, and as such we must remain vigilant and perform our duty of care in mitigating risks because the rewards and potential for impact are so great and vital.

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