Institutions that closed abruptly and sent students home as a result of COVID-19 may find themselves in the custody of student personal belongings left behind in residence halls. 

Traditional property insurance policies may not be the most effective way to transfer this new risk.Gallagher’s student personal property insurance protects students’ belongings from unexpected loss during this period of uncertainty. Our in-house claims handling services will efficiently manage the claims likely to arise, saving your institution both money and time.

Uncovered Exposures

Student personal property left behind on campus or stored on behalf of students may be considered property in your care, custody and control. Institutions could be held responsible for loss as a result of:

  • Traditional perils, such as fire, water damage, theft, smoke, etc.
  • Damage to property while being packed by university staff
  • Transportation of property, if shipped back to students
  • Accidental damage

Our Solution

Short-term Master Student Property program: Policies are written on a broad-form or named-perils basis and rated on number of students reported. Each reported student receives their own per-occurrence limit and deductible. Our coverage and low deductibles are designed specifically for this exposure. This solution is a great way to supplement an institution’s existing insurance program, while providing students with the much needed peace of mind that their belongings are insured while they are away from campus.

Claims Administration:
Gallagher’s student personal property insurance programs are supported by our in-house claims team. For any claims that arise, we work directly with students to collect information, adjust, and pay claims. This service is designed to ease the administrative burden on our clients’ risk management departments.

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