Guidance on how your nonprofit organization can reopen 

Authors: Jim Smith, Alan Schmitt

COVID-19 and its impacts on daily life have been etched into our minds and may affect us for a long time. Human and social services agencies have stepped up, and continue to serve vulnerable communities across the globe. In some cases, certain aspects of your business may have been closed, while others are more essential than ever. 

As states and other governmental authorities lift the restrictions imposed around the COVID-19 pandemic, nonprofit facilities are starting to prepare for reopening the workplace. The decision to reopen nonprofits is a complex issue. We cannot advise you whether you should or should not reopen your nonprofit business. As you decide to adjust, repurpose, and/or consider reopening nonprofit programs that were suspended, it is important to consider five important steps to guide your planning and business continuity. To access Gallagher’s comprehensive resources to return to work, visit our Return to Workplace Resources Hub.

We have generated this information for your review and consideration. It includes some high-level ideas and 5-step processes that you may want to consider as you move through the process of opening your nonprofit business. This generalized information does not take into account all of the unique and specific issues that may be involved in opening your nonprofit business.

If you have questions about this information or your nonprofit insurance coverages, risk management or HR and benefits solutions, please contact your Gallagher representative.

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