Grow your healthcare business and protect your bottom line

90% of healthcare executives say their organizations have or are developing telehealth services and telemedicine programs. As the telehealth field grows, it is important that you understand the ever-changing risks and have risk mitigation solutions in place to protect your bottom line.

This telemedicine webinar will provide a general overview of the current state of the quickly evolving telemedicine and healthcare field. The speakers will identify and discuss Regulatory and Liability risks – ranging from corporate structure, licensure, medical liability and technological proprietary rights – providing real life claims examples demonstrating where the pitfalls exist.

Benefits of the telemedicine webinar:

  • Walk away with a better understanding of the legal challenges faced by telemedicine providers
  • Identify the unique insurance issues encountered by telemedicine companies
  • Learn more about related risk transfer and available insurance solutions

Telemedicine attendees open to:

  • Entrepreneurs who are developing, or have developed, telemedicine companies
  • Executives, in-house counsel and risk managers for brick-and-mortar institutions developing telemedicine capabilities
  • Established telemedicine providers looking to develop strategies responsive to the developing liabilities in this space

Webinar Length: 50 minutes

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