Ensuring 5 million athletes have access to high-quality training and sport experiences

Earlier this year, Gallagher announced our Platinum Partnership with a multi-year partnership with Special Olympics International, enabling us to make an impact on the global, regional and local levels. As the Official Sponsor of the Sport and Coach Programming, Gallagher is helping ensure that over 5 million athletes with intellectual disabilities have access to the highest-quality coach training and sports experiences.

We are excited to announce that our current partnership will now include five regional programs across the globe to help scale Special Olympics sports at the community level. The regional markets include Illinois, New York and Southern California in the United States; Ontario, Canada; and all of Australia.
By supporting at the local level, Gallagher is helping to ensure our ability to work directly with coaches, who are essential to the success and impact of Special Olympics.

Much like everyone at Gallagher, Special Olympics athletes have felt the impact of the pandemic, yet we have been able to make some remarkable strides within our partnership. Together we’ve raised funds for athlete programming, we’ve helped put together a new coaching curriculum, joined athletes in virtual training sessions and joined the Inclusion Revolution amplifying the Special Olympics cause on our social networks.

You can also view a recent conversation that Gallagher’s Chief Marketing Officer had with Mary Davis, CEO of Special Olympics International to learn more about our growing partnership, some of our favorite partnership initiatives to date, upcoming programs and how both teams have adapted our first six months to face COVID-19 head on here.