How Gallagher’s Alex Glickman Is Paving a Way for LGBTQ+ Women in Insurance

Every June kicks off a global celebration of LGBTQ+ Pride. Along with it comes an opportunity to celebrate the inclusivity and empathy that drive our business forward. As much as it is a celebration, Pride is also a time to acknowledge the historical progress that has brought us to this point, and the need to continue advancing equality and representation for all people, identities and communities-both in the greater world and in the business world.


A Closer Look: LGBTQ+ Pride and Progress in the Business World

So where do we stand in the business world in terms of progress for the LGBTQ+ community. Corporate America has made several advancements over the last decade: sponsoring Pride events, partnering with LGBTQ+ nonprofits, rethinking recruitment strategies and establishing employee resource groups. And while these advancements are important, they aren't an end-point on the path to diversity, equity and inclusion. There is still more work to be done-particularly with LGBTQ+ women leaders.

LGBTQ+ women are grossly underrepresented in business leadership positions. As a whole, 6.4% of U.S. women identify as LGBTQ+1; however, in the context of leadership roles, that proportion shrinks significantly. In fact, LGBTQ+ women are underrepresented at every level of the management pipeline, especially at senior-most levels2:

  • 3% - Entry Level
  • 6% - Manager
  • 2% - Senior Manager and Director
  • 7% - Vice President
  • 6% - Senior Vice President and C-Suite
Alexandra_GlickmanAlex Glickman

For Alex Glickman, these statistics need flipping-and that starts with leading by example.
Alex has worked at Gallagher for two decades, representing real estate and hospitality clients around the globe. As area vice chairman, senior managing director and global practice leader of Gallagher's real estate and hospitality practice, she and her team manage more than $150 billion of assets and lead the charge on the latest industry insights, including Gallagher's Current Development Series-ongoing virtual conversations about the major trends in real estate and hospitality.

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Alex has received numerous industry recognitions. She has been named Lloyd's Retail Broker of the Year. She's been recognized as a Risk & Insurance Power Broker 11 times. And she's a member of that 0.6% of business leaders who identify as an LGTBQ+ woman.

We asked Alex about her experiences as an LGBTQ+ executive in insurance, and how her community and her experiences at Gallagher have shaped the leader she is today.

Q&A with Alex Glickman

  • What is one thing you wish you could change about the insurance industry?
    I would want to wipe out the remaining racism, sexism and homophobia in our industry. Too many people pay lip service to diversity, but don't follow through. Having more women, people of color and members of the LGBTQ+ community in leadership roles will not only give our industry greater resilience, but greater innovation and capabilities.
  • How has your identity influenced your time at Gallagher?
    Gallagher is a meritocracy, and my 18 years here have allowed me to grow professionally and personally. Our colleagues are the best in the industry and it is clear that we are all on the same team-no matter who we are or where we come from.
  • Why is it important for businesses to safeguard diversity and inclusion?
    Everyone thinks differently. By having diversity of experience, culture, orientation and gender, an organization can see a bigger picture of the issues that need to be solved. "Group Think"; is an insidious killer. The ability to consider and accept alternative ideas and perspectives is the only way an organization can evolve and thrive.
  • What advice would you give to LGBTQ+ women struggling with career pathing?
    Have confidence. Confidence is the intersection of hard work, talent and the willingness to take risks. Women frequently excel at the first two but fear the risk taking. Failure is not fun, but unless you're talking about sky diving or rock climbing, it rarely kills you. My suggestion is to take calculated risks and learn from the experience.

Inclusion and Diversity at Gallagher

At Gallagher, we're committed to driving an inclusive workplace for the benefit of our clients, employees and the communities in which we live and work.

Inclusion and diversity is a core part of our business, and it's embedded into the fabric of our organization. Our high standards of ethical behavior are grounded in our corporate culture's cornerstone, The Gallagher Way. We see inclusion as a conscious commitment and diversity as a vital strength. By embracing diversity in all its forms, we live out The Gallagher Way to its fullest.


1LGBT Identification Rise to 5.6% in Latest U.S. Estimate, GALLUP, February 4, 2021

2How the LGBTQ+ community fares in the workplace, McKinsey & Company, June 23, 2020


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