New safety guide from the Gallagher National Risk Control team

Author: Gallagher National Risk Control


With increased financial pressure and an endless cycle of uncertainty as regulations continue to evolve, many healthcare organizations are looking for ways to reduce employee injury costs, and improve patient care and the work environment. Changes in healthcare have resulted in more complex care being delivered within the healthcare community.

A comprehensive safe patient handling (SPH) program is an essential component for any healthcare-providing organization looking to positively affect patient outcomes and reduce the potential for injury to patients and staff. Acute care organizations with successfully implemented and active safe patient handling programs have found they can significantly reduce the number and severity of employee injuries, as well as better position themselves to accommodate transitional return-to-work staff. Much examination and research still is needed before developing, implementing or enhancing a safe patient handling program.

This guide is intended to provide an organization the support and direction for implementing a safe patient handling program, with the goal of creating a sustainable system for addressing the risk exposures to staff and patients.

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