Authors: John Farley Evgueni Erchov


This interactive webinar takes you through a real-life ransomware attack scenario that healthcare businesses are experiencing across the globe. With the help of a professional ransomware extortion negotiator, our cyber experts walk through an example of hacker negotiations, provide firsthand insight, answer common questions about cyber insurance and discuss the steps you can take to successfully navigate the extortion payment process.

Key questions we answer:

  • How do you get immediate access to bitcoin?
  • Do hackers negotiate, and by how much?
  • Do they return your data if you pay?
  • How long does it take to get your data back and recover?
  • Do they carry out their threats (destroy or publicize your data) if you don't pay?
  • What role does law enforcement play?
  • What federal laws need to be complied with?
  • What role does cyber insurance play during and after negotiations?

Duration: 60 Minutes

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