Authors: Steve Kluting Bill Harrison Adam Nisenson


Food contamination can happen at any point along the food supply chain, from farm to fork — that includes production, processing, distribution and preparation. According to, as of September 20, the FDA has issued 161 recalls of food and beverages in 2022. Those recalls encompass contamination from chemicals such as cleaning products; pathogens such as bacteria; foreign materials such as metals; and allergens such as milk, wheat and peanuts.

This webinar will provide insightful guidance about product contamination risks and how they could affect you, your customers and your supply chain.

Key Benefits of Attending

  • Gain understanding of your recall-risk and exposure.
  • Learn how contracts can help mitigate and/or add to your risk exposure.
  • Determine if your insurance portfolio properly addresses this risk.
  • Find out the benefits of working with a broker with industry and coverage expertise.
  • Learn about your suppliers' and customers' recall risk — and how their risk can become your risk.

Face your future with confidence by letting us help you manage your product contamination risks.

Webinar Length: 58 minutes

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