Highlighting specifics about your well-run operations to make your insurance renewal application rise to the top of the underwriter's stack.

Author: Jim Baker


We should all be aware by now that the current conditions in the commercial insurance market are challenging, to say the least. Capacity is becoming increasingly limited, coverages are being restricted, and premiums are on the rise for most lines of coverage. As a result of this ever-hardening market, underwriters are becoming overwhelmed with submissions from organizations facing steep renewal increases and searching for better terms.

So how do you stand out in the mind of an underwriter who's being inundated with submissions from organizations similar to your own?

You demonstrate your leadership's operational excellence.

If you have a leadership team that excels in managing operations, you must highlight that in discussions with underwriters.

It's no longer sufficient to simply fill out underwriting applications and email them to an insurance carrier's submission inbox.

To stand out in the current market, you must provide details about your leadership and operations to pique the interest of top underwriters.

Sharing information is the key:

  • Sharing biographies of key leaders
  • Sharing operational plans and contingencies
  • Sharing org charts to show that every potential issue is assigned to a specific person
  • Sharing a narrative account of how losses have been mitigated or avoided in the past due to operational excellence

If there's a weakness or something you're concerned about within your operational structure, it's best to address it well before renewal. Your goal should be to become what we call a "top-of-stack submission."

Think about it this way: You're hiring for a position within your organization, and you had two resumes. One is riddled with misspellings and gaps in employment history. The other is pristine and provides a substantial background narrative about the candidate. Which one of those resumes would go to the top of the stack?

Our Nonprofit team can make you a top-of-stack submission. We have the relationships with key underwriters, and we know how to highlight the operational excellence of your leadership team so that you stand out amongst the thousands of submissions these underwriters see every year.

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