Offering attractive retirement plans for a multigenerational workforce can be a game changer in a tight labor market. As a retirement plan sponsor, it’s your job to satisfy your fiduciary obligations and fully understand the liabilities that affect your organization. Trusting your employees’ retirement financial wellbeing takes actuarial consulting expertise to help guide and manage the complexities of retirement programs.

Employees and Executives Retirement Plan Consultants that partner with you

You deserve customized retirement plan solutions that are arrived at through careful analysis of data and a collaborative, consultative approach. Having a trusted partner - a team of financial experts to address all aspects of employee retirement plans working alongside you - helps you build a stronger organization. Our Retirement Plan Consulting team uses their detailed knowledge of the complex regulatory environment of retirement plan finances and structure to help your organization overcome obstacles for better organizational wellbeing. We offer consulting on many qualified plans including:

  • 401(k) plans
  • 403(b) plans
  • 457 plans
  • Defined benefit plans
  • Cash balance plans

To be your trusted partner, we listen. We understand your business and your goals. We'll analyze your current retirement plan and identify gaps and opportunities and develop a strategy to move your retirement plans forward with you. We’re actuarial consultants and analysts who delve into the data, understand the regulatory and compliance complexities to structure sound retirement plan options for your employees’ financial wellbeing.

Integrated strategies for employees’ retirement plan management

We take a holistic approach that looks at every aspect of the workforce and organization, so it meets organizational objectives while addressing the unique needs of employees. Our strategy for successful retirement plan management is based on five elements:

  1. Plan governance - We help mitigate fiduciary risk by ensuring the plan’s committee is operating according to their fiduciary responsibilities through establishment of prudent processes, compliant practices and consistent standards.
  2. Investment consulting - Our experts assist with plan investment review, selection, monitoring, replacement and advice so that all plan participants achieve the best possible outcomes and are prepared for a financially satisfying retirement.
  3. Employer services - In a universe of providers, there is no easy “apples-to-apples” comparison of the services being offered in the marketplace. From vendor evaluation to selection, we help navigate the many services offered, match a vendor to your needs, and assist with every relationship stage, from fee negotiation to vendor issue resolution.
  4. Participant services - Participant services focuses on achieving retirement readiness. We help empower employees by identifying the right tools, education and resources to effectively address their spending, saving, debt and overall financial wellbeing. 
  5. Plan design - Plan design evaluation is essential to aligning organizational objectives and optimizing employer spend. Understand the retirement readiness of your workforce and its impact on organizational health by continually evaluating, measuring and aligning your financial wellbeing strategy.

Defined Contribution Plan Services

We provide defined contribution consulting to help your organization achieve overall financial wellbeing. This includes plan design, compliance, fiduciary risk mitigation, 3(38) and 3(21) investment fiduciary services, investment monitoring, vendor management and participant services.

Actuarial expertise for better retirement plans

What makes us different? Our actuarial services in retirement plan consulting help your organization ensure the financial wellbeing of your employees. We’re not recordkeeper-aligned, so you benefit from the guidance from actuarial consultants you know, and research and market insights that are customized for your industry. You have retirement plan experts who are on your side and ready to help you improve your plan and manage your vendor relationships.

Actuarial services for pension and retiree medical plans

Pension Plans are complex and we get it – but we make sure you get it too. Our wide range of actuarial consulting services for defined benefit and retiree medical plans includes offering support in a way that you will understand. This enables you to avoid unnecessary hurdles and do the right thing for your business. Our actuaries are well-versed in understanding the true carrying cost of a pension plan. They will show you how the carrying cost impacts your liability and the future funded status of your plan. We think beyond the numbers to understand the implications of the pension plan on your business. This enables us to help you discover a strategic way into the future.

Data-driven analytics

A competitive total compensation strategy requires dedicated financial wellbeing programs such as retirement planning and education on financial decision-making. Part of this commitment includes evaluating employee retirement readiness. Take advantage of our substantial toolset of analytics that includes planners, data modelers, workforce evaluation systems and more. You’ll get the insights you need to build not just a great employee benefits and compensation plan, but also a great workforce that’s engaged, motivated and invested in your organization’s success. Actuarial specialists can offer support by evaluating current retirement plan structures to match, model and project different levels of retirement funding. These exercises help address key questions like the organization’s cost of delayed retirement and how to enable timely exits from the workforce. Ultimately, this leads to new ways to streamline plans and costs.

Workforce Evaluation - Retirement

Inventorying an organization’s workforce is a first step in identifying needs. Workforce Evaluation - Retirement provides a unique perspective on the alignment between your retirement benefits and total rewards program and their impact on your current and future workforce. This analysis is extremely useful in tailoring an effective program specific to your organization. The combination of our consultative approach, unparalleled Gallagher compliance resources, and use of the Gallagher proprietary tools will result in a customized solution that we will work on executing together. 


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For compliance-related questions about our investment advisory services or to request the most current version of this relationship summary, please review our Client Relationship Summary or call (212) 330-1011.

Retirement Plan Consulting Summary

  • Expert actuarial consultants for day to day and long term plan success
  • Regulatory and compliance expertise
  • Defined contribution plan strategy and administration
  • Complete pension plan consulting services

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