Jamie Inderbitzen

Jamie Inderbitzen brings more than 12 years of human resource program experience, serving mainly either as a team consultant or project manager for the State of California Department of Human Resources. She has focused primarily on classification and compensation practices.

Prior to joining Gallagher, Jamie performed classification and compensation consulting services for the California Department of Veterans Affairs, California Department of Transportation, California Department of Consumer Affairs, Department of State Hospitals and Department of Developmental Services. She served as project manager on various projects including the State of California's Classification Abolishment and Consolidation project.

During her tenure as a public sector employee, Jamie gained experience in labor relations, policies and procedures administration, recruitment activities and performance management. She served as a statewide trainer charged with the development and delivery of various training courses related to Classification and Compensation. Examples include Position Allocation and Duty Statement Writing. She has also taught workshops on Business Process Improvement.

Jamie has a Human Resources Academy Certificate (HRAC) from California State University, Sacramento, and a Classification and Compensation Credential (CCC) from the California Department of Human Resources. In addition, she holds certifications as a Paralegal, Life Coach, and certified Prosci Change Manager (PCM).

Jamie came to Gallagher from Koff & Associates, a full-spectrum human resources and recruiting services firm serving the public sector. K&A joined Gallagher in 2021.