Michael Ritter

Michael Ritter is a Senior Consultant with the Compensation and Rewards service line of Gallagher's Human Resources & Compensation Consulting practice. Mr. Ritter consults with myriad healthcare organizations nationwide, including care providers (independent hospitals and health systems of all varieties), independent and subsidiary medical practices, ancillary healthcare organizations, and innovative disruptors such as marketplace exchanges and technology firms. Mr. Ritter manages customized compensation program audits and detailed market reviews, while taking into account industry best practices to advise healthcare stakeholders ranging from board members to human resource leaders in competitiveness and reasonableness of employee pay.

Prior to joining Gallagher, Mr. Ritter worked for a large managed care company as a senior analyst as well as in the financial services industry for a number of years. Mr. Ritter's unique blend of managed care and general industry experience, coupled with a formal education in healthcare management and operations, allows him to understand the dynamic relationships healthcare delivery organizations face in executing superior care while striving to improve budgetary efficiencies.

Mr. Ritter holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration from the University of Kansas and later earned a Master of Health Services Administration degree from The University of Kansas Medical Center.

Professional Highlights

  • Detailed and customized Compensation Program Audits that include a full review of base wages, pay ranges, and special pay practices with financial modeling scenarios for implementation.
  • Accomplished in Total Compensation Reviews (cash and benefits) for director and executive leaders.
  • Aligning and standardizing the compensation program and pay levels for non-executive managers across a geographically dispersed health system in the Midwest.
  • Extensive understanding of the compensation function for ancillary and specialty organizations such as home health, hospice, health insurance exchanges, and critical access hospitals.
  • Compensation philosophy and strategy development that adhere to industry best practices.