Michelle Barrett is a Vice President, Survey Operations with Research & Insights, part of Gallagher's Human Resources and Compensation Consulting practice. She joined Gallagher in 2010 and has extensive experience in survey development, analysis, and reporting. Ms. Barrett served as the programmatic lead in the development and implementation of Gallagher's National Benefits & Benchmarking Survey in 2013. Ms. Barrett continues to manage all technical and reporting aspects of the survey annually including verification, processing, and final data reporting. Ms. Barrett's continuous work on updating survey procedures to ensure both efficiency and accuracy has played an integral role in increasing survey participation from 900 participants in the first year to over 4,000 participants today.

Ms. Barrett serves as the project lead for several of Gallagher’s global survey publications and has conducted surveys in the US, Canada and Australia. Ms. Barrett also serves as the lead analyst on several association surveys where she coordinates with various stakeholders to develop a survey that captures relevant policy and benefit topics and trends.

Ms. Barrett received her Bachelors' Degree in History, Sociology and Political Science from the National University of Ireland Galway. She previously worked as an Assistant Vice President and Technical Report Writer for Boston Financial Investment Management.