Michelle Vorheis

Michelle Vorheis is an accomplished Human Resources professional with more than seven years of experience. With a diverse background in education, it's not surprising that she found her calling in HR, where she excels as an associate HR consultant.

Michelle is known for her dedication to serving others and fostering a collaborative, inclusive work environment. Her leadership style is characterized by empathy and a genuine commitment to the growth and wellbeing of team members.

Michelle is a responsive HR partner with well-rounded experience in HR, benefits and payroll functional areas. Michelle excels at providing excellent customer service and HR expertise in various business and operational functions. She is trilingual, speaking English, Spanish and Japanese

Michelle is a multifaceted individual whose journey has taken her from education to HR, and from the workplace to the kitchen, all while prioritizing the values of a servant leadership heart.

Before joining Gallagher, Michelle was a Human Resources partner with Texas Tech Federal Credit Union and a bilingual section coordinator with Texas Tech University.