Balancing complex exposures with the needs of education

Colleges and universities face a unique set of challenges when it comes to risk management. Few other entities have exposures as broad as everything from employment practices, student life and vehicle use issues to study abroad, environmental hazards and intellectual property issues.

Institutions of higher learning have to balance these complex exposures with the day-to-day business of educating students. Residential life, fraternities and sororities, students in experiential programs, and laboratory environments represent a small sample of these unique risks. Institutions also have exposures related to endowments, research grants, behavioral assessment team and continuity of operations.

Gallagher's Higher Education Practice specializes in serving the benefits, risk management and insurance needs of higher education institutions. Our Higher Education Practice has long been a core competency and represents a significant portion of our business.

Gallagher caters to clients with traditional first-dollar placements, deductible programs and alternative risk programs including self-insured retention programs, captives and insurance pools. We can help strike the right balance between assuming manageable risk and transferring catastrophic risk.

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