Our industry-leading proprietary tools and approach synthesizes data from a wide range of sources to uncover the underlying cost drivers that affect your benefits plan.

Insights and solutions rooted in human behavior

We use data to help with your employees’ overall wellbeing. Our healthcare analytics process is designed to uncover human truths about how your people are performing and their health for a better employee experience and an improved culture and profitable future. Our team provides:

Data warehousing and reporting for better decisions

We provide clear, simple solutions based on real data and real human insight. Our in-house team of analysts, actuaries and clinicians use predictive models such as GBSInsider, health risk assessment tools, benchmarks and data from over 1,200 Gallagher client companies. This understanding gives you a true understanding of the underlying issues that may be affecting the costs and the effectiveness of your benefits program. When you partner with Gallagher you will have the advantage of working with one of the only benefits firms with consulting and proprietary data warehousing under one roof.

Gain the full picture with health informatics

The health informatics helps you build a more sustainable benefits strategy. Our team mines, analyzes and interprets your data to help you understanding the underlying reasons for your pain points. We then provide comprehensive solutions that promote physical and emotional wellbeing for your employees.

Precise audit services

Powered by a staff of uniquely and highly qualified specialists with an international reputation of excellence, Gallagher performs a host of auditing services. Our team believes that regular, systematic evaluations of quality and accuracy in claim procedures are necessary elements of an effective cost containment strategy. Routine evaluations also identify and quantify the nature and extent of service shortcomings when specific service concerns are uncovered.

Healthcare Analytics Consulting

  • Sustainable benefits strategy provides comprehensive solutions 
  • Better analytical insights, powered by GBSInsider, that help identify cost savings and performance improvements that support career wellbeing
  • Affordable plans that include industry benchmarking, predictive modeling and health risk assessment tools
  • Insights that control healthcare costs and support your HR strategy

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