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Risk Management Safety - A Great Supervisor Leads by Example, is Loyal to Employees and is Friendly

Leads by Example. Loyal to Employees. Friendly. Combined, these three characteristics of a great supervisor help create workplace climate. When employees talk about loving to work for a great company, they are really describing that they love working in a great work climate. That work climate is created, intentionally or unintentionally, by people -- by supervisors. As we look closer at each of these characteristics, reflect back on your own work climate experiences. Better yet, examine the one you are creating or experiencing right now.

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Availability of Punitive Damages in Maritime Claims

Insuring punitive damages has been a “dicey” question for the insurance market for years, since the modification of social opinion of judges and juries has made the awarding of punitive damages, in addition to compensatory damages, an enormous threat to the viability of a business or organization found negligent. Review this chart, provided by Jones Walker, regarding the “availability” of punitive damages in different scenarios given recent developments in case law.

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Institutional Investment & Fiduciary Services - August 24 - Weekly Market Update

Global growth weakness was in the headlines again last week, with the Fed expressing concerns while data from China showed the weakest growth in over six years. Several financial markets have moved sharply lower in August – equities all over the world and commodities especially. Which way will U.S. equities move now that the S&P 500 Index has moved into correction territory?

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2015 Benefits Strategy & Benchmarking Survey - Executive Summary & Strategic Insights

Get a glimpse of the data and strategic insight of Gallagher's 2015 Benefits Strategy & Benchmarking Survey - with over 3,000 participating organizations - by downloading the Executive Summary.

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