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Merger Objection Lawsuits: An Update

A few years ago, merger objection suits were the subject of highly charged press. In some cases, merger objection suits resulted in large sums changing hands, a fact not often found in articles about this subject. No matter what the outcome, however, the “wave” of merger objection suits rarely derailed the transaction.

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Analyzing Mental Health Parity

Final regulations on MHPAEA were issued in late 2013. In 2016 Congress passed the 21st Century Cures Act requiring regulators to provide additional guidance. In April 2018 regulators issued clarification of existing guidance and additional guidance. Our 45-minute recorded webinar which reviews MHPAEA requirements and guidance covers: Background, Aggregate Lifetime & Annual Dollar Limits, Financial & Quantitative Limitations, Nonquantitative Treatment Limitations, Miscellaneous Issues.

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Auto Terrorism: Are You Covered?

In 2017, the Transportation Security Administration issued a six-page advisory document to truck and bus companies to be cautious of potential terrorists. Shortly after, New York City announced spend to install 1,500 cement protective barriers around the city to protect public ways. Other cities are utilizing recessed trenches and creating more public space to put distance between attractions and thoroughfares.

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