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Tornado Preparedness for Schools - Video

The tornado safety procedures featured in this video are not all-inclusive. They are designed to provide some safety procedure recommendations that could assist your schools in the event of an emergency. Each school can use this information to potentially tailor a plan that works for their school. The video may help you re-evaluate, expand and enhance your tornado shelter plans - and prepare for an event as best possible.

Tag(s): Public Sector; Disaster & Emergency; Claims Advocacy;

FEMA: Severe Weather Preparedness

As a communication vehicle, social media is playing a more significant role in providing and distributing valuable information. These resources have been particularly useful in disaster situations. Recently, FEMA released a Severe Weather Preparedness - Social Media Content Shareables guide. It offers a consolidated listing of materials available on Twitter and Facebook as well as recommendations on how to leverage social media in your business. This guide was released by FEMA in early April 2015.

Tag(s): Loss Control; Disaster & Emergency; Claims Advocacy;

The Role of Employee Stock Ownership Plans in Compensation Philosophy and Executive Compensation Arrangements

ESOP plans were introduced in the mid-1950s as an efficient form of employee stock ownership. They came under the jurisdiction of ERISA in 1974 and have existed in their present form ever since. Although these plans do have some very real limitations, they can also provide employees with a substantial motivation to save for their retirements.

Tag(s): Human Resources & Compensation; Executive Compensation; Executive Benefits;

PEP Talk: Heat Illness Prevention

Heat illnesses are preventable but - if left unchecked - can lead to death. At times, workers may be required to work in hot environments for long periods. Without prevention, heat-related illnesses can occur and may result in serious health problems. The Gallagher PEP Talk - Heat Illness Prevention newsletter offers insights for public entities to help them avoid heat-related illnesses.

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Employer Premium Reimbursement Notice

IRS Notice 2013-54 has created a hectic environment for previously-acceptable employer reimbursement programs. While issues such as this are still being interpreted and resolved, we encourage you to educate yourself on the topic and how it impacts your institution via a Webinar produced by Arthur J. Gallagher & Co. This recorded webinar will be available until December 31st, 2015.

Tag(s): Higher Education;

Articulating an Argument Based in Case Law

Assisted living facilities require each resident signs a contract with terms and conditions prior to moving in. One resident couple sued a facility alleging that it instituted a rate increase that they could not afford. Was the facility liable? If so, what was the impact to the facility? Did their coverage adequately protect them in the process?

Tag(s): Healthcare; Management Liability;

Defense Without Consent - Resetting Communication Channels

A large insured presented a sizable employment claim to their insurers and required defense counsel. The insurers specifically told the insured that their current counsel selection was not approved. The insured continued to use their choice of law firm but did not manage the claim adequately with the insurer. When the case was resolved, how did this approach impact the claim process?

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