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Are You Paying Double for Cargo Insurance?

Manufacturing companies relying on commercial carriers and other third-parties to provide insurance for their products while in transit need to be aware of the possibility of being overcharged and underinsured. This has the potential to affect your company’s profits and better understand your exposure. This article covers a few of the top questions you should consider when evaluating cargo insurance coverage for your organization.

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Evolving Landscape in the Pharmaceutical and Life Sciences Industries

The pharmaceutical and life sciences industries face many challenges brought about by increased consolidation in the market. A combination of managing the expectations of Wall Street along with the varied industry dynamics of broader immersion into global markets present new challenges for these sectors. This article includes information on some of those challenges and approaches for managing through it.

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Hard Hat Bulletin: Compressed Gas Cylinders

What are the risks of compressed gas cylinders? Most cylinder gases have the ability to replace air/oxygen if the bottle leaks in a given confined space. If enough air/oxygen is displaced the atmosphere will become unbreathable, causing unconsciousness and possible death within minutes. This is one of the biggest hazards with bottled gases. This Gallagher Hard Hat Bulletin is part of a monthly series of materials to assist construction managers and other leaders in helping to improve safety measures among their staff and contractors. It includes a brief overview on a topic and a simple quiz that follows.

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A Minute for Safety: First Aid

Despite all the safety precautions put into practice, millions of injuries still occur at workplaces across the country every year. As a result, employers not located in close proximity to a medical facility are required by the Occupational and Safety Administration (“OSHA”) to have procedures in place (including cardiopulmonary resuscitation or “CPR”) to deal with serious injuries until emergency medical personnel can arrive. This article addresses the breadth of what represents first aid protocol and materials; what is required for an employer; training and designated first-aid responders.

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Un Minuto para la Seguridad: Por Primera Vez En Primeros Auxilios

(Spanish Version - A Minute for Safety: First Aid) A pesar de todas las precauciones de seguridad puestas en práctica, millones de heridos aún se producen en los lugares de trabajo en todo el país cada año. Como resultado, los empleadores no se encuentran en las proximidades de un centro de atención médica están obligados por la Administración de Seguridad Ocupacional y ("OSHA") par contar con procedimientos para hacer frente a las lesiones graves hasta que el personal médico de emergencia pueden llegar. La norma de OSHA requiere que los empleadores de proporcionar servicios médicos y de primeros auxilios, incluyendo resucitación cardiopulmonar ("RUP"). Los servicios de primeros auxilios disponibles deben ser proporcionales a los riesgos del trabajo en cuestión.

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Institutional Investment & Fiduciary Services - June 9 - Weekly Market Update

The European Central Bank (ECB) went negative with its deposit rate, and unveiled further easing measures as Eurozone inflation remains well below target rates. Meanwhile the Fed’s Beige Book reiterated the slow but steady improvements taking place across the U.S. economy. As the Fed is tapping the brakes and ECB continues to hit the gas, learn more on whether divergence will affect the markets.

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Transportation Safety: Be Aware - BEWARE!

Since we were young, we have been warned about staying alert to potentially dangerous situations. In regard to driving, one of the most dangerous circumstances we generally have to face is distracted driving. This refers to drivers not paying attention to the road conditions, other drivers and situations occurring around them. How could this impact truck drivers working long hours? And how can they better manage those risks? Click on the "View Newsletter" link below to view the full article.

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Don't Spill This Cup! Post-Accident and Reasonable Suspicion Drug Testing

In the recent Gallagher article, Weed and Weapons: Workplace Challenges Based on New Laws, recent state legislative enactments have expanded the scope of marijuana use for medicinal and recreational purposes. We anticipate it is therefore likely that the use of marijuana will increase significantly across the country. However, these legislative developments have also led to increased uncertainty over when, if and/or how an employer can address any suspected marijuana use with their employees. To view the full newsletter, click the read more link below.

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