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An Employer's Guide to COBRA

An Employer's Guide to COBRA provides general information on COBRA. The Guide includes topics such as why COBRA, who must comply, what coverage must be offered, administration and recordkeeping procedures and how to determine and collect premiums. Each of the topic areas are accessed in easy to navigate sections and An Employer's Guide to COBRA also provides sample COBRA notices that customers can download and customize for their own use. Updated August 2017.

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School Talk - Don’t Bother Me. I’m Embezzling.

The treasurer of the high school band booster club withdrew funds to pay for personal vacations. An accounts payable clerk has been siphoning off funds. The school janitor is using work supplies to clean houses on the side, and pocket the income. These people are all embezzlers.

2017 Atlantic Seasonal Hurricane Forecast

The official 2017 hurricane season began June 1st and will run until November 30th. The forecast for 2017 is believed to have average activity. is forecast is based on an extended-range early June statistical prediction scheme that was developed using 29 years of past data.

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