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“Marriage Counseling” Can Save a Business Relationship

Partnerships between HR technology service providers and their employer clients face the same challenges as married couples. They come to the relationship with different expectations; varying levels of knowledge, understanding and expertise; and, frankly, different end-goals. Also, as one or both parties grow, expectations change. Just like in a marriage, communication is the key to address these challenges but (also as in a marriage) a subjective third-party can be helpful to facilitate that communication. Gallagher's HR and Benefits Technology consulting team can be that third-party facilitator to improve communication and achieve better outcomes for improved organizational wellbeing.

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Reconciling Diversity & Inclusion Goals with Pay Equity Concerns in Higher Education

Attracting a diverse student body is critical to maintaining and growing student enrollment. As a result, diversity and inclusion initiatives have become a strategic priority across the Higher Education industry, not only in terms of its importance to student recruitment efforts, but also for the impact it can have on recruitment, retention and engagement of faculty and staff.

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