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At Arthur J. Gallagher & Co., we try to learn everything we can about the industries we serve and the risks they may encounter. It’s a commitment that’s embedded in our corporate culture to expanding our expertise, continuing educational development and gathering topical updates to remain ahead of the curve.

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Synthetic Biology: The Future is Now

Biotechnology and specifically Synthetic Biology (SynBio) is evolving at lightning speed. SynBio makes it possible to engineer life from the ground up (allowing the formation of organisms with genetic code (DNA) not found in the natural world) and to re-design existing natural bio systems for life-changing purposes. The opportunities are limitless and so are the risks.

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Healthcare News: April 27, 2016

Our focus in this issue is on strategy, mergers, and acquisitions, where the pace of this activity, along with unusual affiliations and partnerships, continues to escalate across all segments of healthcare. Also, further settlements with OCR after breaches expose organizations to scrutiny on their basic compliance with HIPAA etc.

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HR Tech Trends That Deliver Bottom-Line Impact

Rhonda Marcucci presents three tightly correlated HR and Benefits technology trends – including plug and play integration, a personalized user experience, and customized interaction that supports increased accountability and productivity.

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