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Market Conditions 2017 - Cyber Liability

As we realize the extent that technological advancements have had on all organizations, we take an insurance perspective to look back at 2016 while also looking forward to 2017. Overall, 2016 was a year of stability for the cyber insurance industry. However, a relatively new insurance concept has evolved; cyber insurance can now be referred to as “traditional” cyber insurance.

Market Conditions 2017 - Public Company Directors & Officers Liability

Following an inflection point around April 2015, the market quickly softened for both commercial and financial institutions D&O. Driven by an influx of new and renewed capacity, forgiveness was granted to many market segments previously viewed as troubled, with the better risks within such sectors seeing healthy decreases in premium in some cases.

Market Conditions 2017 - Insurance Company Professional Liability

In 2016 primary insurers proved to be fairly disciplined in their underwriting. Increases varied based on the risk characteristics, but for most accounts year over year increases were generally flat despite the fact that some carriers were targeting higher increases. Absent adverse claims development, even accounts with high risk profiles found a fairly stable market.

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Market Conditions 2017 - Life Sciences Public Directors & Officers

In 2016, public Directors & Officers Liability clients continued to benefit from a competitive insurance market, experiencing both rate reductions and expanded coverage terms. Given the record-high number of securities class actions filed in 2016— 300 in Federal court alone, a 32% increase over 2015 it may appear that premium rates and litigation activity do not necessarily correlate.

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Market Conditions 2017 - Fiduciary Liability

Fiduciary liability renewals were stable in 2016 and this coverage line continues to be the most stable management liability coverage. There have been sizable settlements over the past 12 months that are noteworthy; however, they are not anticipated to reflect in a change in overall market condition.

The Double Helix: Winter 2017

Welcome to the winter edition of The Double Helix. Inside this issue you can find articles on the following: Medical Device Consolidation, FDA Regulations, 3D Printing and the Life Sciences Market and Clinical Trials Overseas.

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Risk Management: Why it's vital to your ministry

Think of risk management as a prudent, informed enabling of the ministry that is the lifeblood of our building Christ’s kingdom on earth. Risk management is “vital”. In fact, the word vital derives from the Latin Vitalis, which pertains to life or life-giving. Protecting our people, our assets and our reputation is indeed life-giving, and it is a manifestation of stewardship in the 21st century.

Kidnap Monthly Briefing - January 2017

This monthly briefing is to keep you informed of the trends in kidnapping worldwide and assess the risk of kidnapping to your business. This issue includes an overview of kidnapping-for-ransom trends in December 2016, a brief on the risk to foreign nationals in Latin America and a focus on the kidnap and detention risk in the Congo (DRC).