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Defense Against Ransomware

Ransomware (a common form of cyber extortion) is malicious software that blocks access to a victim’s data by locking a system or encrypting data until the victim agrees to pay a ransom. The frequency of ransomware attacks has increased drastically since these extortions began to emerge several years ago. In addition to increased frequency, the attacks have become more complex with the realization that the parties responsible for the infections have access to malware capable of crippling an entire network, while also having the ability to originate in one organization’s system, and use it as a conduit to access and infect third-party systems.

Representations & Warranties Insurance

Representations & Warranties (Reps & Warranties) insurance is designed to provide insurance coverage for breaches of representations and warranties statements made by the seller in a purchase agreement. This whitepaper will discuss quick marketplace history, items of the purchase agreement to insure and underwriting.

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Directors & Officers Liability Insurance for Private Companies

A frequent (and serious) misconception is that companies without publicly traded stock do not require Directors & Officers Liability insurance (D&O). In reality, much of the case law governing the duties of directors and officers arises in the context of private held companies. This paper is intended to identify the exposures faced by private company directors and officers, and how D&O insurance can mitigate their financial risks.

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Advisor - 2017 Market Conditions Overview Report

Throughout 2016, the management liability marketplace as a whole showed a competitive rate environment across most product sectors. Moving into 2017 this rate environment will likely continue, though recent claim trends lend a level of uncertainty as to how long these conditions will last. Below you will find product sector market updates and relevant claims trends seen both nationally and within the Gallagher Management Liability Practice.