Drone Coverage Solutions for Colleges and Universities

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Gallagher’s Higher Education Practice offers exclusive coverage to protect your institution from emerging risks arising from the operation of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs).

The use of drones is taking off on college and university campuses—and away from them. UAVs are owned or utilized by all sorts of departments, from the likely to the unlikely: facilities, athletics, agriculture, forestry, research, film school, student activities, admissions and more. UAVs are portable, relatively inexpensive and easily operated on behalf of institutional programs, both on and off campus, by faculty, staff and students alike—with or without formal approval. Along with mounting exposures, the question of coverage adequacy is gaining significant altitude also.

Gallagher’s Higher Education Practice responded to this situation by piloting a comprehensive UAV coverage solution, designed from the ground up, specifically for colleges and universities.

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