Generating a Culture Change Mindset

Start Date 04/10/2014 11:00 AM
Webinar Presenters Robert Pater Robert Pater is Managing Director of Strategic Safety Associates and creator of the MoveSMART® system.

Mindsets in an Organization “Rule” Culture, Actions and Performance.

Mindsets drive where people place their attention, what they actually see, how their biases may determine what they actually see - and ultimately how they react. This webinar offers proven strategies to help enhance your organization's culture and communications.

Extensive experience with a wide range of companies shows that changing how and where people place their attention has resulted in significant safety performance and cultural gains. But before changing others’ approach, leaders have to lead from the front, first upgrading their own mindsets.

Webinar topics include:

  • The hidden powers of mind sets
  • Recognizing current safety and cultural mindsets
  • 10 mindsets of a high-level safety leader
  • Strategies for enhancing others’ mindsets

Program Details

This is a one-hour, free program. Click here to view the recorded webinar.


Robert Pater

Attendee Audiences

Executives, Senior managers, mid-level managers, supervisors, Safety and Human Resources professionals.