OSHA New Rules Address Post-Accident Drug Testing, Retaliation Claims, and Electronic Injury

Start Date 08/25/2016 11:00 AM CDT
Webinar Presenters Mark A. Lies, II is a Labor and Employment Attorney and Partner with Seyfarth Shaw LLP. He specializes in occupational safety and health law and related employment law and personal injury litigation. He advises and represents companies in OSHA settlement meetings. He is a keynote speaker at national safety conferences, trade association and company sponsored events, as well as a speaker at Gallagher webcast events and author of many Risk Management - Safety Insight newsletters for Arthur J. Gallagher & Co. too.
Webinar Duration 60

OSHA’s new final rules call into question mandatory post-accident drug screenings and safety incentive programs, open the door to new retaliation citations, and will require employers to post OSHA logs electronically. Maximum penalties for OSHA violations are set to increase too for the first time since 1990 as part of overall federal penalty adjustments mandated by Congress last year. Attend the webcast to learn what you must know and do to protect your employer and yourself from OSHA penalties.


  • OSHA’s revised recordkeeping rule scope
  • Requirements for anti-retaliation policy
  • Potential restrictions on post-accident drug testing
  • Potential restrictions on timeliness of employee reporting of injuries
  • Potential OSHA retaliation citations and damages